Inside the Cell (2014)

by Nostril Caverns

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SIDE A was made for the thrash songwriting challenge hosted by infinitenexus (


released February 28, 2014

Chris Balch - guitar, drums, vocals

Fight Till Death written by SLAYER



all rights reserved


Nostril Caverns Toronto, Ontario


Guitar since 1995
Drums since 2002

One-man DIY extreme metal from Ontario since 1999.


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Track Name: Immortal Agony
[H] Ah

Awoken by a modern culture of evil
The Wishmaster begins to hunt for prey
Searching for the arrogant and naive

[L] He thought it was his lucky day
The answer to all his problems
It seemed too good to be true
And it was

[HL] The Wishmaster granted him the power of immortality

[H] Teleported to a Hellish realm
He's naked and restrained by fire
The endless echoes from his screams
Pierce his ears while they bleed
Demons gnaw at his skin
Burned by their acidic saliva
The agony of immortality

Ripping his arms and legs out of their sockets
Nothing left but a flaming torso and pain
Drips of lava fall inside his eyeballs

[L] They reattach his arms and legs
Only to hyperextend them
Pushing their fingernails into his eyes
He has no choice but to let them

[HL] While the Wishmaster watches and smiles

[H] Be careful what you wish for, it's never what you expect
The weakness of the human mind feeds the evil of the demon
No matter what he wished for, he was chosen from what's within
To satisfy the blackest heart who never wants it to end
Track Name: Perceiving the Psychological Blur
[H] His perception of time is all but gone
So many years of pain and torture
At least he can still sleep
But what is real and what is a dream

[HL] Perceiving the psychological blur

[H] Agony is all he remembers
Agony is what he dreams
Would you rather be awake or asleep
If Hell is real then what's a dream

Visions mutating from fiction to reality
[L] The mind isn't your friend
[H] Entangled brain matter and physical sensations
[L] Will never end

[HL] Perceiving the psychological blur

[H] He tells himself that it can't be real
But the excrutiating pain won't be ignored
Then he wakes up and starts to realize where he is
The nightmare begins again
Track Name: Inside the Cell
[H] It's been so many years of torture
His mind has broken down
The evolution of his mental state
Is as bad as his physical pain
[L] Projecting his hate in hallucinations
Inside a custom made cell
Where he brings unsuspecting victims
To feel what he feels

[HL] Inside the cell

[H] Ah

His method of adaptation
To repair his mind by hurting others
Locking them away inside
And watching them suffer
[L] What happens to him happens to them
Except that he's in hell and they're in reality
Restraints of fire translate to rope
And gnawing demons to knives

[HL] Fantasy and reality
Melding into one tangled web of lies

[H] Ah

[HL] Fantasy and reality
Melding into one tangled web of lies

Inside the cell