Ancient Tales from the Forest of Death (2000)

by Time of Death

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These are my first ever songs with drums (I have other demos on cassette of songs with no drums, back when the band name was Crippler).

My friend Ken told me about the computer program Virtual Drummer, which was for mac, but we found a usable test version for windows. It did have some bugs, like half of the items in the drum list were mislabeled, only the first time signature and tempo were saved after you closed the file (so I made text files that showed what time sigs and tempos go with what measures, and then manually added them in again when I re-opened the file), and you couldn't export the drums at all (so I lined-in the audio from my computer back into my computer and saved the drums as a wav while they played).

The Lost Valley of Dissection was the first TOD song recorded with drums. Ken and I recorded it in my room, and he showed me how to work the recording controls and mix the song.


released August 1, 2000

Chris Balch - guitars, drum programming



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Nostril Caverns Toronto, Ontario


Guitar since 1995
Drums since 2002

One-man DIY extreme metal from Ontario since 1999.


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